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Puzzle Fetcher for Windows - Links

    Crosswords for download:

    Thinks.com - Huge collection of crossword puzzles, daily updated and free
    Puzzle Pointers 2004 - Big list of links to versios puzzle publishers
    Across Lite Puzzle Gallery - A collection of crossword puzzles and links to other puzzle makers
    The Washington Post - Crossword puzzles updated daily
    Houston Chronicle - Download and paly daily updated crosswords from Houston Chronicles on the go


    Strucc Books - Crossword Puzzles for Students of Foreign Languages

    Crossword Software for Windows:

     Green Eclipse.com - Nice crossword generator for everyone who wants to make good looking crossword puzzles in minutes, just enter keywords, clues, and publish it in the web! Yet it doesn't support Across Lite format yet, however it seems like this will be done soon. And what is really cool in it - it's freeware!

    P.S. If you fill like you have a link to resource which is worth for be listed here, or a competitor who think that may compete with us ;) please contact as, we'll add your link to this page.
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